Guest table (on order)

From the kitchen to the menu, room service, eating and cooking at La Colombe Blanche is an overall great experience.

Whether you are on half board or full board our kitchen invites you to eat and we remain at your disposal to fulfill all your wishes and desires.

The dining room is open at all times and knows not to force you into your schedule.

Get up when you want and lay down when you're tired ... our service will remain available at your command.

Our restaurant menu changes regularly and is entirely made of products related to the season and to the souk day.

Our Kitchen is characterized by a great variety of dishes, couscous, countless tagines, pastilla, barbeque for the most famous, but also many others often known only to Moroccans but equally delicious dishes Keffta tagine with eggs, Harira (soup to break the fast), the Seffa; There are also many traditional regional recipes.

Moroccan pastry is also very diverse and refined.

La Colombe Blanche owner's wife is a woman who does not give her recipes, she is a library of flavors and secrets, our cuisine is an art, long remained mere oral tradition, a legacy passed down from mother to daughter.

For generations, a traditional well established art that represents the creative genius and artistic skill of Moroccan women enthuses our kitchen reveals recipes arising from a practice that goes back for years, a result of the family's legacy.

Each recipe is matched with valuable tips and tricks . The book is designed with a special sound and binding, allowing it to be flat open while cooking.

But the great recipe and the great lesson of this book, According to the owner's wife is taking a pinch of dream, lots of love and you will have a lot of success with your dish.

If our kitchen attracts you why not come and learn with us! Moroccan cooking classes (see the Relaxation part of our services).

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