Follow our Moroccan cooking classes

Feel, smell, see, have a sensual pleasure, taste, enjoy, subtle oriental scents, dizziness spices, precious mix of saffron, Moroccan cuisine is rich and simple but also complex and original.

Learning to master the mix of spices, making a tagine or starting to prepare couscous is what the guest house La Colombe Blanche offers .


A one day course:

on the day or during a week-long program, our cook will personally guide you through this culinary flavors of the world. A guided tour of Moroccan cuisine, from her Moroccan kitchen... its a course in the day (making a flat) and introduction to spices.

A week course:

Courses at the week with a mastering of spices, tagines, couscous, briouats, salads, juices and soups Moroccan, marinades skewers.

Henna Tattoo Courses:


The reasons for tattooing are considered plastic elements to beautify the feminine body. It consists of geometric shapes (squares, diamonds, dots, sometimes rectangles) engraved on the body. One can also find these figures on familiar objects made by rural artisans.Their constitutional traits are simple like zigzags crossing in braces or forming abstract patterns. They are arranged asymmetrically on the body, on the face, hands, arms, chest, abdomen, inner sides of the thighs and feet.


Henna is used in different rites governing traditions. It is said that henna is a sign of good luck. A splash of henna in the palm of the right hand is particularly effective against the evil eye.

Traditional Turkish Hammam bath

The hammam, place of communion of the body and water, became a symbol of purification in Islamic countries. In Morocco, we can consider that almost 90% of the population attends public steam several times a month.

Relaxing Oriental or fitness, take advantage of the virtues of the hammam that we also call a Turkish bath.

Forget the daily routine and treat yourself to an afternoon in the hammam or Turkish bath. A cure for relaxation and fitness.

Organizing of special activities and parties

Musical Evenings

Music and folklore of the Moulay Idriss region.


We have a small library for reading lovers.

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